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Happiness vs Circumstances

Today I saw a photo folder while looking for a document on harddisks. Photographs of the documentary I’ve shot for Al Jazeera years ago. When I’ve made the documentary about the racist events against Romani people in Selendi, I’ve also taken photographs as many as possible. As always, the children were most affected by the adults’ fight. The Romani people in Manisa are different from the other Romani communities who we are used to. They don’t speak different languages and don’t have a special talent for music. The majority of these people who had been settled years ago and who were working in agriculture. They don’t have their land; they go to harvest in the fields of others in bad conditions. You can see the children of a Romani family who has gone to the harvest in the photo. They’ve gathered the tobacco of the adjacent fields and have stayed in the tent where they made from two sheets with heart design. You can be upset when you look at a family and their circumstances, which have been taken from their homes by their land. Right? In fact, I have never seen such happy children in my life. During the whole day, I was with them; they were collecting tobacco on the field with their bare feet and running with laughter. After the shooting is over, “Heval! Take our photo!” they said, and they gave a soldier salute to me as you see them.

P.S. This entry was posted on September 6, 2018, in my LinkedIn account.

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